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HeavenSent's Drive For Safety
When choosing a transportation company, many guests spend hours, if not days, searching for the most economical, the most dependable, and of course, the most safe company they can find. This may include limousine companies, taxi companies, as well as Rideshare companies (ie: Uber, Lyft, etc). 

This section of our homepage is to help our guests understand what to be looking for, and what questions to ask companies when shopping around. It is very important to us that our guests are given accurate information, even if that means that they ultimately decide not to reserve with HeavenSent Limousine!

Limousine and taxi companies spend tens of thousands of dollars, per year, to carry the State mandated Commercial Liability Insurance in order to transport passengers for profit. HeavenSent Limousine is no different! We carry a Commercial Liability Insurance policy in the amount of $1.5 million, in order to comply with regulations, and to keep our guests safe and covered in any event. 


HeavenSent Limousine is a Federally registered and regulated DOT company!! When choosing a transportation company, please, make sure to ask them if they have their DOT certification. Please, follow the link below that explains the laws that Passenger Transportation Companies must follow in order to cross state lines.


HeavenSent Limousine takes pride in doing what it takes to accommodate our guest's transportation needs. This is why we have reduced our prices on our Airport Transportation Service. HeavenSent now offers Luxury Airport Sedan Service at a cheaper rate than Uber Black!!!

Please, take the time to make sure that you hire a company that is watching out for your best interests. Whether or not you choose to reserve a car with HeavenSent Limousine, we want to make sure that each of you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are completely covered when being transported to your next destination.