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As for our cancellation policy, we require 24 hours prior to the reservation for any cancellations. Otherwise, within 24 hours, a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged. Any cancellation within 12 hours of the reservation, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged. In order to cancel a reservation, the guest must call, or text, our office, and receive a Confirmation Of Cancellation from one of our staff.

Please be advised, Concerts, Sporting events,  Packages, and Specialty Events operate on a 72 hour/ 48 hour cancellation basis. Any cancellation within 72 hours a fee of 50% will be charged, and any cancellation within 48 hours a fee of 100% will be charged. On all "Specialty Equipment" (ie: Buses ) our cancellation policy is conducted the same as we do for concerts . Extended Mileage Out Of State trips operate on a 14 business day cancellation policy. Any cancellations inside of the 14 business days will be charged 100% of the fare. Due to the extreme overhead costs, there are NO EXCEPTIONS for Extended Mileage Out Of State Trips.

In addition, a driver gratuity of 20% will also be applied to cancellation fee applied. 

No Call/No Show Charge

Question: What constitutes a No Call/No Show Charge?

Answer:      A No Call/No Charge charge is implemented 
when a guest is not at a scheduled pickup location, at the scheduled pickup time.

HeavenSent Limousine certainly understands that plans change, or flights get cancelled and/or missed. Things happen that are out of our control. What is in your control is the ability to call/text HeavenSent Limousine, and inform us of the change. For instance, many times flights are cancelled due to weather or mechanical issues. As long as the guest contacts HeavenSent Limousine , as soon as they know of the changes, there will be no charge for the change. However, if a guest is scheduled to be on a specific flight, or decides to cancel their reservations, HeavenSent Limousine requires a 4 hour notice prior to the scheduled arrival time.  If we are not notified that the guest is not on that flight, there will be a No Call/No Show Charge of 100% of the fare + 20% driver gratuity. We  can only be as dependable as the information that is given to us. This policy covers any and all reservations with HeavenSent Limousine. If we are scheduled to be at a specific place at a specific time, and the guest fails to show, according to the set reservation, a No Call/No Show charge will be applied.

"Act Of God " Policies

HeavenSent Limousine is not responsible for weather  conditions. There are many times that weather conditions many interfere with your plans. Whether it is extreme heat, or heavy inclement weather. During hot summer months, HeavenSent starts our cars well ahead of  scheduled pickup times to make sure that they are as cool as possible.  Unfortunately, when vehicles sit running in the hot sun , and extremely hot temperatures, it is nearly impossible to keep them cold inside.  Refunds will not apply due to conditions beyond our control.

Reservation Changes

Any changes to a reservation must be made no later than 72 business hours prior to the scheduled pickup time in order to avoid a penalty. Any changes made to a reservation within the 72 business hour time frame will incur a $100 Cancellation Penalty. The original reservation will be cancelled, and be rewritten to show the changes.  At this time the guest would be subject to HeavenSent Limousine's availability.  If reservation is changed within 24 hours of the scheduled pickup time, guest will be responsible for 100% + 20% driver gratuity of the original reservation.
No Exceptions!!

Policies of Charges

Unless a "Flat Rate" has been arranged, all of our limousines operate on an hourly basis. We do understand that sometimes our guests may be running a few minutes late. We allow 15 minutes, after the scheduled drop off time, for our guests to complete their service. Once the 15 minutes have expired, and an additional hour + 20% driver gratuity will be charged. No exceptions!!

Travel Surcharge Policy

A Travel Surcharge is placed into effect for any pickup outside of a 20 mile radius of our home office (Lake Geneva) , or in regards to concerts at Alpine Valley, 20 mile radius of the venue.

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