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Rules and Regulations 
All of us at HeavenSent Limousine understands that the reason that you have reserved a limousine, from us, is to have a good time and not have to drive. The last thing that we want to do is ruin that good time with a bunch of rules and regulations. There are, however, a few things that we need to ask that you follow: 

1. Respect your driver. He/she is working very hard to make sure 
that you have a safe and good time in the limousine you have 
reserved. Please, if the driver asks you to do something, or not 
to do something, there is a logical reason why they are asking 
this. We too have many rules and regulations to abide by, and 
we ask that you respect the driver's requests. This also includes
speaking to your driver with respect. Foul language towards your
driver will not be permitted. Failure to respect your driver will 
result in termination of riding privileges, If riding privileges are 
terminated, customer is responsible for payment of full fare plus
driver gratuity.

2. Please, NO standing up out of any sunroof, in any vehicle, 
while the vehicle is in motion. 
This is not only a huge safety issue, but also is illegal. It is an 
is an extremely expensive ticket, and will be the customer's 
responsibility if a ticket does occur. Failure to comply with this rule will be
 grounds for termination of riding privileges. If riding privileges are terminated,
 customer is responsible for payment of full fare plus driver gratuity.

3. No smoking. Some of our vehicles are strictly a "No Smoking" 
vehicles. If you are asked not to smoke in the vehicle, you must 
not do so. Failure to comply with this rule will be grounds for 
termination of riding privileges, and customer will then be 
responsible for payment of full fare plus driver gratuity. 
Customer will also be responsible for any and all cleanup to 
remove smoke scent from vehicle. 

*** If you are specifically wanting a Non- Smoking car, you must request this at  the time
 that reservation is being FINALIZED. It will be documented under the
 "Additional Information/Instructions" section  ***

4. Any and all damage caused by a customer, whether accidental 
or neglegent, is the customer's responsibility to pay for. Don't 
worry, if a glass gets broken, we aren't going to charge you for 
a new glass. However, let's say a bunch of glasses are getting 
broken due to the fact that someone finds it humorous, then the 
customer has just bought a $100.00 set of glasses. We work 
hard to keep our limousine looking nice, and we need our 
customers to respect the vehicle that they have reserved. 

5. No bodily fluids of any kind. (except for sweat of course) 
This includes, but is not limited to: 

~ vomit 
~ urine 
~ blood 
~ feces 
~ semen 
~ phelegm 

If any bodily fluids are extracted into the interior of the vehicle, 
an automatic minimum $500.00 charge will occur. Body fluids 
are considered bio-hazard, and according to state law have to 
be cleaned professionally before the vehicle may be reserved to 
another customer. The cost for the clean up is strictly the 
customer's responsibility. If refusal by customer to pay for 
the clean up occurs, customer will be responsible for each day 
(not to exceed $800 per day) that the vehicle is out of service 
waiting for clean up. We are certainly more than happy to pull 
over if you are not feeling well. All you have to do is ask. 

6. Absolutely no underage drinking allowed in any of our vehicles! 
This is grounds for immediate termination of riding privileges!! 
If resistance to this rule is evident, we will not hesitate to ask 
law officers to intervene. In the event of termination of riding 
privileges, customer will be responsible for payment of full fare 
plus driver gratuity. 

7. HeavenSent Limousine is not responsible for any personal 
items, lost or damaged, while in the limousines. Of course, if 
we find a personal item, we will most definitely call to set up 
return arrangements with you. In a case as this, customers are 
welcome to drive to our office, to obtain your lost item/s, at no 
charge. If you are unable to do so, we are happy to return the 
item/s via courier service. Customers will, at this point, be 
required to pay applicable charges for shipping. 

8. Absolutely no fighting nor throwing items in the vehicle!!
Due to recent childish adults, that could not manage their alcohol, nor 
respect our vehicle that they had reserved, we have been forced to 
implement this rule. You will be asked nicely, one time, and one time 
only, to settle down. If you do not comply with your driver's requests, 
this will be grounds for immediate termination of riding privileges! 
This does not mean that we will drive you back to your original pickup
location. We will contact law officers to intervene, and you will be
 dropped off at a safe location, so that you may find alternative
means of transportation  back to your pick up location. Any damage 
to the vehicle will be compensated for, prior to the driver departing. If
 compensation is refused, HeavenSent Limousine will press charges
and the parties responsible will be incarcerated. In addition, you will be 
charged the full fare + a 20% driver gratuity. No exceptions!!

Thank you very much for helping us keep everyone safe,  comfortable,
 and having a good time. 

*** rules are subject to addition or change *** 

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